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  • Ben Whitlock (Saturday, September 13 14 06:21 pm BST)

    Hi Tim,

    Love you're work. Talented as always.

    Keep it up! You're old mate. Ben Whitlock

  • Tarheel (Friday, August 01 14 04:31 pm BST)

    You have a talent. Follow your passion, Tim.

  • Bluesbaby5050 (Saturday, March 29 14 07:11 pm GMT)

    Tim, Your coastline, in these pictures are so very different from the coastlines where I live in the U.S.A. Nicely done.

  • Bluesbaby5050 (Monday, February 17 14 03:44 pm GMT)

    Hi Tim, Your a very talented young man. You should do very well in your life. You have what it takes Tim.

  • Boris (Sunday, February 16 14 07:46 pm GMT)

    Nice work Tim. Keep it coming!

  • Pete Edwards (Tuesday, December 03 13 07:54 am GMT)

    Hi Tim!
    It's Pete Edwards here,
    Excellent pictures I you presenting here!
    Keep up the drawing, hope to see you soon!

    Fair Play!

  • Jim Lovell (Thursday, November 14 13 06:14 pm GMT)

    Your new pet portraits look really good Tim. Keep up the good work!

  • Damian Patience (Wednesday, October 16 13 10:21 pm BST)

    Hello Tim, its Damian! Your website looks good, keep up the good work mate, ill try and show your site to a few of my mates, try and get you some buissnes, hope your doing well!

  • Stan Weeks (Wednesday, September 11 13 06:15 am BST)

    Tim, I really enjoyed these great portraits--what a talent! Please stay in touch...Stan

  • Kiaz (Wednesday, August 28 13 02:14 pm BST)


  • TacoGS (Monday, August 26 13 01:44 am BST)

    You need to keep this up Tim. You have skill.

  • Dave Young (Saturday, August 17 13 01:44 pm BST)

    Hello Tim, it's Dave, your pictures are very distinctive, keep on doing it, may ask you to do a portrait of Barney soon!

  • Jim Lovell (Friday, August 09 13 07:35 pm BST)

    More Images uploaded for you, keep it up!

  • Kirsty Hillier (Saturday, July 27 13 02:28 am BST)

    Hi Tim its Kirsty, the website looks great!
    Keep up the good work x